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A Few Beguiling Facts About Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a sweetener that is extracted from the sap of maple tree. Maple syrups originated in America in the seventeenth century. There are different types of syrups that are kept alongside the maple syrup. You need to understand the difference between maple syrup and other fruit syrups. There have been a lot of traditions associated with maple syrup that you should know about. This post will help you to know some cool facts about the maple syrups.

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Facts About Maple Syrup

  • The manufacturing process of maple is done using the sap of the tree. The sap is boiled in a big shallow vessel. The sap of the tree is boiled until the water is evaporated completely from the vessel and reduced in the form of syrup. To produce a gallon of maple syrup, you need to boil up to forty to forty-five gallons of maple syrup. Generally, warm sunny days and frosty nights is required for the sap to easily flow from the tree.

  • The other fact is about its origin. Maple syrup was first manufactured by the inhabitants of America. They started the production of maple syrup back in 1608. Every country has its own process of making the sweetener. Some crystalized it to give it the name of sugar. In ancient times, there have been evidences of maple syrup that clearly signifies maple syrup originated many years ago.
  • Coming to the grades the two grades that are frequently bought by the customers is Grade A and Grade B. Grade B maple syrup is found to be more popular because of its dark color and intense taste. Grade A is lighter in color and also it has delicate flavors and this is the reason why Grade B is more popular for its flavors.

These are some of the facts about the maple syrup.