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CBD Capsules Vs. Oil – Which One is Better? 

CBD capsules and CBD oil are two incredibly popular products on the market. Despite sharing the same cannabis-derived compound, these two products are often being compared to each other. In this article, we are going to look at CBD capsules and see how they go against CBD oil.

Difference between CBD capsule and CBD oil

CBD capsules are products that are designed to be taken as a food supplement for general wellbeing, containing cannabidiol. The compound is derived from the cannabis plant. It can be purchased as either soft gel capsules or hard-shelled capsules. CBD capsules are completely tasteless. CBD capsules are taken like a supplement and they provide a time released dose throughout the day.

CBD oil is a sublingual dose. It is taken with a few drops under the tongue. CBD oil can come without flavor or mixed with an essential oil to add flavor. There’s no need for water to digest it. It can be done just by putting it under the tongue.

CBD Capsule and OiL’s value for money

CBD oil and CBD capsules both have different methods of working. We know that CBD oil is taken sublingually, with a few drops under the tongue. CBD capsules require more time to absorb because the capsule needs to be processed by the intestines before your body can use it.

CBD oil is often considered a better value than CBD capsules. That is because CBD oil has greater bioavailability. CBD oil can utilize a higher percentage of the compound in the body. CBD capsules are effective when they reach the bloodstream. So, because of the long distance to the bloodstream, it loses some CBD in the travel. Therefore CBD oil is clearly better at utilizing the compound.

Capsule vs. Oil, Which one is better?

Both CBD capsules and oil have positive benefits. CBD oil is a faster process than its capsule counterpart. In the capsule, many CBD components are being lost due to the distance to the bloodstream. So, oil is very effective at providing CBD components in the body. However, CBD capsule is much easier to digest with no flavor at all. But CBD oil has a flavor that some people might find discomfort.

Both are good in their own ways. So, choose the one that suits you the most. At PUREMED we have both CBD capsules and CBD oil. You can choose which version suits you the best. Our CBD products are made out of 100% Natural & Organic components. It is Completely Non-GMO. Finally, it is tested and verified by 3rd-Party Labs.

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