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How to Read Spa Menus Before Booking for A Treatment?

Spa menus resemble restaurant menus. When you place an order at a restaurant, you wish to know how the classic dishes are cooked and its ingredients as well as flavors. Similarly, getting to know the spa treatment equipment, technique and ingredients help to improve your spa experience.

How spa menus get organized?

The common categories are massage, body treatment, facial including waxing, nail care, and salon services. There are even overnight spa services with extra categories like signature therapies, Asian therapies or energy treatments. Visit, if you visit Quebec in Canada. Thermal spa experience is helpful in rejuvenating your mind and body.

How to read a spa menu?


Variety of massage types fall under this category. The common ones you will find include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and aroma therapy. You can even choose a customized massage session. The length you can choose will be between 60 to 90 minutes. Mini massages are also available, it is subjective.

Other forms of massage techniques are sports massage, hot stone massage, or some form targeted towards shoulders, head, and neck. Therapies like reflexology, Shistu, Thai and craniosacral are also offered at several spa facilities. All the therapies fall under energy treatment.


Facials include cleanse, extract, exfoliate, massage and mask. The only difference will be the kind of products used. Basically, all the pas carry minimum two lines. Take help from esthetician for recommendation of right product suitable to your skin.

Facial extras may include lip treatment, special serum, a peel, special equipment [LED or Hydrafacial treatment] or extra time for foot and scalp massages.

Body treatment

Body scrub helps to exfoliate dead skin cells on your outermost skin surface. Exfoliants like fruit enzymes or coffee enzymes or sugar scrub is used to loosen intra-cellular bonds. Body treatment is good add on prior a massage followed by body mask, which helps to detoxify and hydrate the skin.

When you read the menu consider the aromas used are natural or synthetic. Lavender is an essential oil, whereas vanilla is a synthetic fragrance.

Longer treatments

Several spas have a ritual treatment, which can include hydro-therapy, aromatherapy, full body massage, as well as body scrub & wrap.

Review the pricing carefully along with the services. If you desire to get multiple treatments in a single visit or desire to get monthly spa treatment then ask for memberships or loyalty discounts. It can help to save good money. Ensure that the spa you choose has a comfortable and relaxed ambiance. Even massage therapist and the aestheticians need to be experienced.