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Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment – Know Popular Types and Benefits

Stretch marks or striae are the most common problem in women and men. Usually, they occur due to decrease in the production of elastin and collagen by the skin. Then, the skin expands and causes dermis or tear the skin middle portion.

Generally, stretch marks will be in purple or red shade and they mostly affects women after pregnancy and body builders. You can find several creams, lotions, and oils to prevent or improve the stretch marks. There are not any treatment methods to make your skin normal again or eliminate these marks completely.

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Here is information about different type of lasers to remove the stretch marks that help you in choosing the suitable one.

KTP laser

In this laser treatment method, pulsed dye laser will be used to remove the damaged blood vessels from the skin without causing any damage to the surrounding area. It is very effective to treat newly developed stretch marks that are in purple and red shade. It kindles the essential ingredients elastin and collagen production and improves the glow of the skin.

Fractional CO2 laser

In this method, laser light will be used to create small pores in your skin. These pores will be packed with the natural collagen. By this, stretch marks will diminish. It is ideal for the marks in greyish silver or in white color. With this treatment, collagen renews and fades stretch marks.

This treatment helps to treat a definite portion of skin and gives visible results quickly and keeps the tissues healthy.


Laser treatment is one of the best procedures to eradicate stretch marks. It is the non-invasive treatment method to treat the stubborn marks on the skin. It not only removes the affected tissues of the skin but also helps to develop new skin.

The recovery period is also very less, the person who undergoes laser treatment can walk immediately no need to take to take any bed rest.

Gather information about the laser treatment offices and choose the best one. Few of them offer free consultation also. Take appointment and discuss with the doctor to choose the right laser treatment for your scars.