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Why Use CBDA Instead of CBD For Therapeutic Needs?

People are consistently looking for ways to enjoy the multiple advantages of marijuana. Currently, the trend of ingesting raw cannabis has started. people use all kinds of greens and fruits to prepare juices.

Raw cannabis juice is hyped to be the current ‘super juice’. Preliminary studies reveal that cannabis holds outstanding curative properties even in its raw form. In raw cannabis, a compound known as CBDA or cannabidiolic acid has shown to have analgesic, pain-relieving, and anti-nausea properties. Let’s understand why to use CBDA instead of CBD for vaping.

What is cannabidiolic acid?

CBDA is found in the resin glands or trichomes of a cannabis plant. Cannanidiolic is the popular compound CBA [cannbidiol] in a raw, uncured, unheated, and pre-activated form. 95% CBD extracted from the cannabis is initially in CBDA raw form. This CBDA transforms to CBD via decarboxylation process that occurs because of heating or aging the cannabis. As CBDA degrades it converts into an active CBD non-psychoactive compound.

It is THC [tetrahydrocannabidol] that causes the euphoric effect and not CBD. Strains rich in CBD are extremely popular among patients who need cannabis therapy without the high. As awareness is increasing regarding the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, it is getting legalized, at the state level.

Many licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are increasingly popping up in legalized states. However, CBDA and raw cannabis is a concept that is still in its early phase. However, it does not mean that users cannot buy fresh CBD-rich strain in raw form and make potent juice.

Raw cannabis buds can be eaten directly, but its taste is very unpleasant, so people can add fruits and veggies to cover the flavor. Cannabis leaves also have CBDA, which can be added to the juice or in a salad. The non-psychoactive and potent nature of CBDA is helpful to those needed strong cannabinoid medication for their severe condition.

What illness can be treated with CBDA?

Conditions that can be treated with CBD will encouragingly respond to CBDA. However, even though CBD is got from CBDA they both work differently. Bioavailability of CBD is higher than CBDA, so it is more efficient but raw cannabis offers a lot of nutritional benefits.

  • Anxiety
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Nausea
  • Inflammatory conditions

When cannabis gets heated CBDA is lost because it transforms into CBD compound. Even THC in pre-activated form is THCA, which is non-psychoactive.

Users who need a large THC dose can buy raw cannabis from to medicate without any concerns about the high. THCA and CBDA are safe for drinking and eating. Raw cannabis juice enhances your mood, reduces anxiety and even lessens chronic pain.