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4 Supplements to Pack With You to Stay Healthy While Traveling

So, you’re prepping for your next adventure to a whole new country. That’s amazing! You’ve already packed your suitcases, got your snacks, did all the research of where to go and what to do… But wait, what about your health?

We all know how traveling can throw our routine out of whack, which results in our health being affected by it. After all, being exposed to stress, dietary changes, and a whole new environment can really do a number to the mind and body, regardless of how exciting it can be! That’s why it’s also worth bringing supplements from brands like Pure Encapsulations at Supplement First with you. Take a look at what supplements to consider bringing:

B Vitamins

B vitamins are crucial for your overall health and can benefit your travels, especially in terms of your energy levels! Getting enough B vitamins before and during your trip can do wonders with your energy levels, since they play a vital role in your body’s energy metabolism. It can help you converts food into glucose, which then provides fuel for your body.

While you should be taking the appropriate amounts of all B vitamins, it’s specifically recommended to take vitamin B12 from brands like Designs for Health when traveling.

Vitamin D or Zinc

Traveling can really stress your immune system, which heightens the risk of your body getting germs and viruses. Besides vitamin C to improve your immune system, you should also take vitamin D or zinc before traveling!

Vitamin D and zinc can give our immune systems an added boost before, during, and after traveling. Besides that, you must get enough sleep before traveling as well, giving you another layer of protection!

Maritime Pine Extract

Inflammation is the root of numerous travel health concerns, including swelling feet and ankles or jet lag. Some research has shown that maritime pine bark extract is a beneficial supplement that can help reduce inflammation and help you feel much better during your flight and upon arrival to your destination.

If you don’t know what maritime pine bark extract is, it’s a natural plant extract that contains procyanidins, phenolic acids, and bioflavonoids. If you plan on taking this supplement, make sure you do so one week before departing and during your travel period.


It’s not a trip without trying the local cuisine! But you also wouldn’t want to risk your stomach. That’s why it’s best to pack a probiotic to reduce the risk of digestive issues. After all, new dishes and eating habits can throw off your gut, which can lead to bloating, discomfort, or bad bowel movements.

It’s best to take probiotics before and during traveling to prepare and soothe your gut as you try new foods. It can even help ward off an upset stomach and traveler’s diarrhea!

You may also want to consider getting antioxidant-rich tea blends like green tea and ginger to help with uneasy stomachs.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure you speak with your doctor about the supplements you plan on taking before you travel.