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5 Hemp Growing Strategies

Hemp is a plant that is currently cultivated in many parts of the world. It has been used for several applications such as food, paper and textiles, to name a few. The main reason why hemp plants are being popularized is that it does not require large spaces for growth while having a very high yield per hectare compared with other crops which makes this crop an affordable option. This article will discuss with you the five strategies for growing hemp in the best way possible.

The five strategies

  1. Growing indoors

It is the most common way of growing hemp. The benefit of this strategy is that it uses less space since you can grow hemp in your room or greenhouse, for example. General household items such as lamps, lights and fans are normally used to provide light during growth.

  1. Growing outdoors

It is the most common method of hemp growing. The benefit associated with this strategy includes ease, convenience and affordability. One can easily grow hemp independently without having to incur large capital investments like in indoor strategies since all that’s required are seeds that cost very little, then go ahead to plant them after germination.

  1. Growing hybrid

A combination of the two methods mentioned above is known as growing hybrids. This method involves using indoor and outdoor strategies to ensure that pollination happens more efficiently, thus maximizing yield per hectare. One can also start this type of strategy by planting seeds indoors then transfer them outdoors after germination for adequate growth.

  1. Growing from clones

It is a very effective way of growing hemp since it doesn’t require much care to germinate. All needed for this method are mother plants that can be cloned as many times as possible. This strategy involves using genetically modified seeds without the need for pollination techniques hence making it extremely efficient and cost-effective.

  1. Growing from seeds

It is the easiest of all strategies since it requires easy to follow steps. The Hemp plant can be grown in most parts of the world, given that there are no harsh climatic conditions that may make it difficult for this crop to survive. Steps required include planting, germination, pollination and harvesting.

If you want to start growing hemp, then make sure you consider using these five strategy options above.


The above methods have been proven by research to provide optimum results compared with other strategies mainly because they involve no guesswork; all you need is to wait till harvest time, then enjoy your yield per hectare.