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6 Essential Traits to Look for in a Good Medical Doctor

There’s so much more to being an excellent doctor than sitting at a Bundoora medical clinic all day. The fact that a doctor deals directly with life and death issues should be reason enough to make sure you choose thebest doctor to look after the health of you and your family. Here are six traits to look for to ensure you find a good medical doctor.


Before you decide on a doctor, you should be aware of the doctor’s outward conduct. Do they look neat and presentable? Are they wearing their white coat? How do theytalk and get along with other colleagues? Do they keep their apartments running on time? These are some of the questions whose answers can determine how professional a doctor is. In some cases, the reputation of a Bundoora medical clinic will be established by how its doctors conduct themselves.


A doctor might be one of the busiest people in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they’re a machine. Patients need to feel empathised with, especially if their conditions are critical. Being compassionate is as simple as observing common courtesy. The chances are, the more empathetic a doctor is, the more patients they’ll have and the better they’ll be at communicating with them.


No one can pass for a good doctor if they’re not up to date with the latest medical research and treatment methods. No matter how compassionate they are, if they’re not able to recommend the best treatments, then they’ve failed in their job. A doctor’s brain should function as an encyclopaedia, using every single piece of knowledge deposited in it over the years. Upon seeing a patient, they should be able to make the right call and offer a proper diagnosis.


It’s a doctor’s job to be the confident one between them and the patient. The more knowledge and experience a doctor has, the better placed they are to be unshaken. There are times when the physician might not be sure, but this should call for more research and consultations and not a panic attack. Patients always trust in their doctor’s confidence even when they feel wary.


No doctor should be employed or allowed to open a Bundoora medical clinic if they’re not competent. Lack of competence puts lives at risks and can lead to fines if a treatment goes wrong.

The doctor should be:

  • Medically sane
  • Knowledgeable by having a degree in medicine
  • Well trained with the proper amount of education


As much as the ultimate reason for getting a job is to earn a living, unlike other career paths, a doctor needs to be driven by something more than money. This driving force is the satisfaction of saving lives and making a difference. At the end of the day, a doctor will be remembered by the impact they had on their community rather than how much money they earned throughout their career.