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A Guide to Mobility Scooters

We are a long way from the old bulky wheelchair to assist those with mobility issues, and if you have yet to browse the latest models, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Light, yet strong, the electric mobility scooter of today is easy to charge, and there are fold-up versions, which is great for those country walks.

Transportable Scooters

Also known as the pavement scooter, this fold-up model has it all, with an easy to assemble process that can easily be completed by a single person. There is a wide range of used mobility scooters in Trowbridge, for example, and the supplier is happy to let you test the models and will help you find something suitable.

Major Features

The state-of-the-art mobility scooter would have the following:

  • Easy to Transport and Assemble
  • Battery Can Be Removed for Easy Charging
  • Durable and Comfortable

Class Three Mobility Scooter

Designed to be ridden on the roads, this 6-8mph scooter is extremely comfortable and has all the benefits of its smaller cousin, plus it has a better range of travel, allowing you to ride to the shops and back without an issue. By visiting the supplier, you can be sure to choose the right model, and with both new and used scooters, there’s something for every budget.

Regain your Independence

The mobility scooter can be used indoors as well, and once you experience the ease of movement, you’ll be very glad you purchased this versatile mobility unit. The scooters are very easy to maintain, and with the supplier not far away, any issues can quickly be resolved.