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Do Vape Juices Go Bad With Time?

With vaping culture so predominant around the world, the market of vaping devices, accessories and ejuices it ever expanding. Vape juices are available in several variants, flavours, sizes and shapes that establishing authenticity with them becomes a lot impossible. And the certainty of the vape juices lasting as per their directed expiry date is questionable too.

The biggest doubt in the mind of the vapers is that ‘Does Vape Juice Go Bad?’! And the answer is a yes depending upon a lot of factors that define the shelf life of the vape juices.

Good storage

Storage of the vape juices in the right kind of temperature and surroundings is important for its long lasting shelf life. The temperature requirements are often stated on the packaging too. But when the storage is not made appropriately the juices can expire even before their expiry date. Good storage becomes an essential to keeping it good for long.

Natural flavours expire faster

Vape juices are often added with flavours to give them that revering taste and smell that they bring. The flavours like orange, pineapple, green apple, banana etc are often infused for a finish. While the other ingredients have a longer shelf life, these natural flavours often expire faster than the mentioned date. Unsuitable storage conditions, bad temperature, and leaving the bottle open can ruin it when kept for long.

The liquid separates

With time the dense and light liquid of the vape juices separate when they are stored for long. This separation of liquid is good when it mixes up back after a good shake. Give the liquid a thorough shake and notice if it mixes back well. But if even after shaking a lot the liquid doesn’t mix together, the vape juice is unsuitable for use.

The smell quality matters

With vape juices the smell and flavor is the secret ingredient to great experiences. And sometimes even when the expiry date is good, the smell goes foul. Check the vape juice smell and the colour of the liquid to understand if it’s good. It’s easy to understand if the smell is fresh or foul, which determines if it has gone bad or not.

When it comes to finding if the vape juices have expired, other than the expiry date it is the freshness that qualifies as a test. The right appearance, taste and smell defines its choice!