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Make the Most of Your Newest Dental Implants

No matter you lost your tooth because of an accident, infection or tooth decay, a dental implant provides you the best solution that feels and looks natural and real. This is now deemed a standard method of tooth replacement according to implantologie, also a long term solution to your missing teeth that are able to last for decades if looked after properly.

Care and maintenance

Once the final tooth implant has been anchored, dental implant should be looked after in the exact way as you did with your normal and original teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing once a day can eradicate the bacteria and plaque and assist you in avoiding the dental problems developing. On the basis of your state, it is suggested that you are utilizing the special interdental brushes in order to clean in between the implant teeth because some implant teeth types are simpler to clean than the others. For instance, a single implant near the front will be easier to clean than the dental bridge anchored towards the back.


The major advantage of dental implants they are easy to care and maintain just like the original teeth once they have healed. The drawbacks of dental implants is on the basis of the professional who implemented the procedure on you, hence it is important to select a top notch professional who has a huge expertise in anchoring the dental implants.

Regular maintenance needed

To make sure that your dental implants are in a top notch condition, they should always be examined once in a year with an x ray. You should also pay a visit to your dentist at least twice in a year for checkup and cleaning like you always used to with your regular teeth.

The durability of dental implants

If you implement the care and maintenance on your dental implants just like your dentist suggested you and the bone they are anchored to is healthy, then you can expect the titanium rod anchored in your jaw bone to last for as many years, albeit the crown may need to be replaced because of ordinary wear.

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