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Some FAQs about Laser Hair Removal Answered

How does the laser work?

San Diego Laser Hair Removal works by focusing a pigment known as melanin that resides in the bulge part deep within the hair follicle. This is heated up which ruins the follicle and completely destroys in which limits the hair growth or damages it enough to slow the hair growth down in that very follicle. It may take multiple treatments for the best results.

Is everyone eligible for this?

As the laser focuses on the pigment, it is best for those who have darker hair and light toned skin. The issue with making the use of laser for those with darker skin is that the melanin pigment present in the upper layers of the skin will also suck in some of the laser light and heat up which can burn your skin. Similarly, if you have fair hair, the laser cannot work to its full potential.

Where does the laser work best?

The best spots for using the laser are the lower legs, bikini, and underarms. It can be a challenge when working with facial hair as the hair is usually finer and is also more hormonally grown and stubborn.

How many sessions do you typically need?

On the basis of the area being treated, you may need around 5 to 10 treatments. Areas of coarser darker hair such as bikini, lower legs, and underarms work the best only with a fewer treatments. The face can be deemed the most persistent areas and may need a lot more sessions than your arms themselves. Once the treatment has been accomplished, some of the hair may never grow back, but a few may need some kind of intermittent treatment annually. Any hair that regrows could be finer and grow with a very slow pace than the original hair, but may still need some occasional treatment for the complete clearance.

How often should you do it?

On an average rate, treatments should always be done once a month. If the hair is regrowing quickly, then you may need more treatments, even twice or thrice in the beginning then reduced to 4 to 6 week intervals to align with the slowed hair growth cycles. You can also shave in between the treatments if needed.

How to prepare?

You should shave your hair before appointment. Or else the entire hair may absorb the energy and heat up which can burn your skin. It also means that the laser may not work effectively to reach the base of the follicle so there will be less than optimal results.