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Useful Tips to Use Keto Strips to Rightly Measure Ketosis

When you are following Ketosis or in simple terms eating low carbohydrate food, you would like to know the level of ketones rising in your body that will help you lose weight. While eating fat-based food and food having fewer carbohydrates there are ample chances of ketones proportion increased in blood and urine. Keto strip or you can call it ketone test strip is used to measure the presence of ketone in urine. It is actually a plastic pad having a reactive material at the end helping to detect ketone presence in urine.

There are two kinds of strips:

  • Ketone urine sampling strip.
  • Ketone blood sampling strip.

Out of the two kinds, blood sampling ketone strip provides accurate measure. Thus, it is mainly used after few months of following ketone diet.

Note the right ways to use the ketone blood strip:

  • After washing your hands, you need to load the lancet with the needle. A clear way to do is to follow the instructions on the pack.
  • Next, insert the blood ketone strip into the ketone meter.
  • Lancet will be handy to prick your finger to draw the drop of blood.
  • The strip must come in contact with the drawn blood to measure the level of ketone.
  • Compare the resulting color with the chart given on keto strip color chart to know the ketone level present.
  • Discard the whole kit.

How will you be able to know accurately the ketone level present in your body?

At the start of consuming food in accordance to ketone diet chart, you won’t be able to find ketone level in the body. After couple of weeks, while continuing ketone diet, you are able to know its presence in the body by using ketone urine strip. This is because the food you eat is high on fat, protein and low on carbohydrates. Initially, ketone urine strip doesn’t show high ketone level, however its presences help in knowing that you are in the right path to make your body attend ketosis. After following the keto diet for few months, you can see ketones level in blood by using ketone blood strip, moreover it is of accurate measure. Thus, both kinds of Keto strips are useable to know the right proportions of ketones in your body.

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