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Which is better: Vaping or Smoking?

The primary difference between vaping and smoking is the way on how the nicotine is delivered. The combustion process creates carcinogenic chemicals hence why smoking is lethal. On the contrary, vaping doesn’t burn chemicals, it heats the elements into an aerosol or vapor that eliminates the release of toxic elements. In other words, vaping the best e juice is safer than smoking. So, before comparing the differences, let’s discuss the similarities.

Similarities between the two

  1. Cigarettes and vape are both deemed as tobacco products by the FDA
  2. They are banned for use in public and indoor spaces in many areas
  3. Both contain addictive elements

Vaping versus smoking: Chemicals


The process of smoking entails the combustion of tobacco which further entails a plethora of chemicals and more than 20 of them are responsible for causing cancer. These cancerous chemicals can be deemed carcinogens. Here are a few for them.

  1. Nicotine: this makes smoking addictive
  2. Hydrogen Cyanide
  3. Formaldehyde
  4. Lead
  5. Benzene
  6. Ammonia
  7. Arsenic
  8. Nitrosamines
  9. Carbon Monoxide
  10. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

As aforementioned, these chemicals are responsible for ruining your health conditions by the means of cancer, heart diseases and lung diseases.


The gist of vaping eliminates the need of burning any kind of aforementioned chemicals. There is a significant difference in the number of chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes and vape. There are only few components found in vaping like:

  1. Nicotine
  2. Propylene Glycol
  3. Vegetable Glycerin
  4. Acetaldehyde Nitrosamines

If you find any other chemical, know that it is only meant for flavoring purposes which are safe to consume. This brings forth an essential question for which the answer has not been found by science yet. Generally, these flavors are designed to be inhaled and not vaporized. Hence, it is more of a gray area to focus on. The long term effects are still not yet unleashed.

Health and safety


Since the inception of smoking, there are many health and safety concerns being discovered throughout the world. Due to this, legislations are being implemented to keep the serious risks at bay. Till now, the most common health and safety issue resulting from smoking has been the risk of smoking material fires.


When compared to smoking, researchers claim that vaping has a much lower level of health and safety risk. But it still had some amount of risk. There are odds of batteries exploding, which is certainly an extreme health and safety concern.