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Why Men Must Consider to Go for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Natural Hormone Therapy is not just restricted to women but even men too can use this therapy. This is because your hormones have been on decline ever since you have crossed the age of 20, which is sad but it is absolutely true.

In case, you are already approaching your middle-age, you have already surpassed it. Therefore, it is very likely that there is every chance that you may be already experiencing certain imbalance in your hormone or even having andropause.

Andropause is the unofficial term used by many medical professionals to indicate “male menopause” which is because of a very slow drop in your testosterone level.

Following are few signs of having andropause syndrome and few other related to imbalance of hormone issues –

  • Muscle loss
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Lower sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sleep problems
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Memory loss
  • Urinary problems
  • Night sweat

In hormone therapy, hormone imbalance or replacement treatment is a very hot topic among women when they reach menopause stage.

However, men find it difficult to discuss about their own issues with regards to hormone imbalance and its various symptoms is causing them discomfort.

Those men who want to discuss about it may attest to many benefits because of hormone restoration and also few treatments like NHT.

Hence, not only men should start feeling more comfortable to discuss about their hormone related issues, but they should be in fact more open to idea of try to fix them. Following are few good reasons for that.

  • Testosterone balance will reduce your risk for disease

Plenty of studies have indicated that there is link between low testosterone levels with stroke, diabetes, prostate cancer, heart disease and many other chronic diseases.

If you choose hormone restoration treatments like BHRT, not only you will feel better, but also you can take drastic measures for protecting your health.

  • With balanced hormones men will feel younger

Many of us want to learn the secret of feeling younger and this NHT treatment can just be your answer.

Various issues due to hormone imbalance e.g. muscle and memory loss, depression, fatigue, low sex drive and various other symptoms that was listed above may improve or can be reversed by hormone restoration treatments.

So, then why should you lead your life with distress and discomfort due to your hormone imbalance? Consult immediately with your doctor on this subject.