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Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cannabis Testing Lab

There are many uncertainties in the cannabis industry; however, this one has a clear answer. Cannabis testing is important for quality assurance and consumer safety. AS part of new testing rules, state-licensed marijuana laboratories in Colorado can only work with licensed recreational cannabis stores, infused-product manufacturers, and dispensaries. This move focuses on the seven licensed testing labs in the state firmly on highly regulated businesses rather than of individuals. If you are looking for a reputable cannabis testing laboratory that offers fast cannabis testing in Colorado, here are factors you must take into consideration before making a final choice:


The best cannabis testing lab has a robust quality program. Sending samples to a lab with a commitment to quality means you get results given by trained and qualified experts. Also, these experts spend their working hours ensuring that the instruments they use for analysis operate optimally, letting them measure your sample accurately.


Exceptional customer service starts with good communication. You want to know who you can talk to about your sample. This knowledge is essential if things don’t go the way you expect. You want to be able to reach somebody at the laboratory who will address your concerns and connect you to the right professionals. Although delays don’t happen often, it is always nice to know your lab is still working for you if delays take place.

Expert Team

When you work with a third-party laboratory, you extend your own team to include experts who can add value to your process and product. These experts have insights as to why unexpected results happen. They have the ability to help you troubleshoot issues so you can avoid those problems in the future.


Get recommendations from other products and ask if they are satisfied with the quality of work. Understand what partnerships, accreditations, and affiliation the test lab has. This will help you understand its motivation for operating its business. With an excellent test lab, science and data come first. It processes and tests all samples the same way to offer accurate and dependable data each time.

Procedures for Test Failures

Some tests may not go according to your plan or your laboratory’s plan. Thus, what the laboratory will do if test results do not meet specifications is a significant factor to consider. Look for a lab partner that follows a procedure when reporting results that are out of specification. Ask the lab also about its procedure to know if the sample failed or if the result might have resulted from lab error.