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Have Darker Skin Types? Ditch These Misconceptions about Treatment Options Available to You

If you have darker skin tones, you might be anxious about laser and other medical aesthetic treatments. These days, a lot of technologies have been developed to make these treatments safe for anyone with a little more melanin in their skin. This means that it’s time to leave those myths behind. Below are some of the common myths about treating darker skin types.

It is Not Possible to Effectively Remove Hair

For decades, the medicine and medical aesthetic world have been using lasers. However, the application of this technology only took hold in the 1990s. At this time, they were very slow and painful as well as worked only on a certain combination of dark hair and fair, even-toned skin. These days, different types of laser hair removal devices have been introduced, with diode laser hair removal treatments being seen as the safest and most effective modality to treat a wider range of skin types. If you are interested in laser hair removal, visit to know your options.

All Skin Resurfacing Treatments are Not Safe for Darker Skin

While some skin resurfacing laser treatments may pose a higher risk of discolouration and scarring in Asian and African-American skin types, recent technological advances now provide safer alternatives for darker-skinned people. Radio frequency-based treatments provide the safest option for most individuals. For instance, NanoFractional radio frequency (RF) treatments help boost collagen and elastin production while promoting increased skin cell turnover to repair skin damage and enhance the appearance of scarring, rosacea, stretch  marks, and enlarged pores.

You Can’t Find Specialized Treatment Providers for your Needs

There are only a few medical aesthetic experts who specialise in treating patients who have darker skin. However, the market is evolving. While people learn more about their potentials and demand grows, there is an increasing number of providers who specialise in aesthetic treatments for those with darker skin. Today, if you cannot find a provider, go for a certified expert with a long track record of delivering results.

When choosing a provider, check online reviews first to get a feel for how a certain expert treats a variety of patients from various ethnic backgrounds. This will help you get a better idea of what to expect to see in your results. Lastly, make sure you book a consultation at a clinic that has the best treatment technology for your skin type. With the availability of information online these days, it won’t be hard to make an informed decision.