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Spider Veins Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Often behind the knees, you will see dilated shallow blood vessels web similar to varicose veins, but small and close to the skin surface. These blue or red veins web is called ‘Spider veins’ or ‘Telangiectasia’ in medical terms. This vein disorder is caused because of increased pressure. People standing for a long time like teachers and nurses are vulnerable of developing this condition. It is hereditary and common in older citizens.

Telangiectasia is visible and sufferers experience swelling, heaviness, and tiredness in their legs. For spider vein treatment people around Illinois can contact Gilvydis Vein Clinic in Geneva or Sycamore. The facility is accredited and offers effective treatment options like –


A solution is injected into the vein, forcing it to collapse and stop blood flow. The scarred vein disappears within a few weeks. It is a common spider vein treatment option that gives 50% to 90% optimistic results. It is a painless, quick, and uncomplicated process, which can even treat Hemorrhoids, malformed lymph vessels, Hydroceles, and discomforts like cramping, aching, burning, and swelling.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Small, fine, and reddish vein web are hard to inject but they respond better to laser treatment. Light and heat from the laser catheter are used to shut the failed veins. Thus the blood gets redirected to healthy veins. It is an outpatient process and local anesthesia is used to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Telangiectasia is a cosmetic problem. You can leave it as it is but there are some things you can do to lower the risk.

How to prevent or manage spider vein symptoms?

Relieve pressure

Lessen the pressure your legs experience by reducing your weight. Besides, avoid sitting and standing for a long time. After every 30 minutes take a walk. If you have to be seated for a long time then avoid crossing your legs.

Improve blood flow

Give your legs a good workout by walking or running. The leg muscles strengthen with improved blood circulation.

Get support

To prevent and manage Telangiectasia symptoms including swelling wear light-weight compression stockings, especially if you will be standing on your feet for long. Purchase compression stockings from the reliable medical supply store.

Keep your feet elevated

Propping your feet higher than the heart is a great way to manage Telangiectasia.

Apply sunscreen

People with light skin are prone to experience spider vein network on their nose or cheeks. Therefore, slather sunscreen to reduce damage.